Fighter Into The Dark

 His day starts with washing water server. His water server demands sanitization every morning. Although it is such a pain task to kick his day off, it is necessary for his mouth only allows to enter water, espacially the one from that water server if possible.
  So, that day, he washed it as usual, but somehing was wrong, he felt for some reasons. And, indeed somthing must have been wrong. His throat gave up breathing after drinking water from it, and eventually, he died.
  For the mysterious case, Detective William was invoked. What he firstly take an investigation was hearing reliable evidence from neighbours of the victim. Most of them were not helping at all, but the lady living the adjoining room mentioned Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter truck sticked on his house yesterday night. Detective William barely knew about Fighter truck, but he, at least, knew it was made in Japan. Furthermore, one gentleman declared that on the last late night, the truck moved very fast to the west and vanished in the dark.
  If those evidences were reliable, that Fighter from Japan is highly doubtful. However, further clues did not came up and the case was closed into the dark which was the only case Detective William could not solve.

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